www.asianpaints.com painter token scheme scan 2023 registration online

www.asianpaints.com painter token scheme scan 2023 registration online: Dear Readers, Asian Paints has unveiled a new program that is applicable to all painters who are Indian citizens and above 18 years of age. This scheme is open only to those who have dealers across India. Customers who purchase Asian Paints products will benefit from its Painter Token program in 2023. When you earn rewards through the program, Asian Paints Dealer will provide you with a number of program benefits I will provide relevant information regarding the Asian Paints Painter Token Scheme 2023 in this article.

According to the financial year data, 2019-20 earned Rs 17194.1 crore and around Rs 2654 crore. The company’s products are manufactured in 15 different countries including India and the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

www.asianpaints.com painter token scheme scan 2023 registration online
www.asianpaints.com painter token scheme scan 2023 registration online

Asian Paint was started in 1942 by 4 friends Champkalal Choksi, Chimni Lal Choksi, Suryakant Dani, and Arvind Vakil. After establishing this company, it started earning and faring well in the Indian market. The company strives to create an engagement with artists and consumers.

For that company launched its token scheme in the Indian market. This is a scheme mainly aimed at painters, who can use these tokens and win prizes from Asian Paints. All painters who are over 18 years of age and who purchase Asian Paint products will receive tokens for their products. With the help of these tokens, painters will earn rewards that will help them financially.

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Painter Token Scheme Scan 2023 Details:

Scheme NameAsian Paints Painter Token Scheme
Last DateAs per dealer
Scheme ForPainters
Company started From1942
FounderChampaklal Choksi Chimney
Lal Choksi
Suryakant Dani
Arvind Vakil
App NameMasterstrokes app
Official websitehttps://www.asianpaints.com
To know moreWebsite
Painter Token Scheme Scan 2023 Details

www.asianpaints.com painter token scheme scan, Asian Paints Painter Token Scheme 2023:

Additionally, only those who purchase bulk packs, such as 10 and 20-liter packs, are eligible for the painting program. Only authorized Asian paint dealers can offer this program to artists. Asian Paints Pvt Ltd has formulated some terms and conditions for the benefit of 10-liter and 20-liter packages of its products. To benefit from this program you must understand the terms and conditions set by Asian Paints Pvt. Acquiring a bundle of Asian paint that contains 10 to 20 liters.

So, you must visit the official website of the Asian Paints Scheme to participate. You can read all the details about the program there, and after determining your eligibility for the Asian Paint Painter Token Program, you can apply online to avail the benefits of the program.

Term And Conditions @asianpaints.com:

  • Only dealers who have Asian Paint locations across India are included in this program.
  • The Painter Token program only accepts Asian paint packages with volumes up to 10 and 20 liters.
  • You can avail of this token program only from dealers who are authorized by Asian Paints.
  • Sellers submit entries for the program, and they already provide details such as the painter’s name, full address, and photo.
  • All participants must accept the terms and conditions of this Asian Paints Scheme in order to benefit from it.
  • You must get the relevant instructions from the dealer to scan the barcode and avail of the discount on paints.
  • This token is only available for Painters whose ages will be above 18 years.
  • The scheme is available on selected products.
  • This scheme is only applicable for bulk products of 10-liters and 20-liter packs.
  • He will be applicable only through authorized dealers in those stores available in Pan India.
  • The Token will be used only one time and it is not transferable to any other painter or any person.
  • Authorized Asian Paint dealers have the authority to extend this scheme.
  • The Asian paint company has the authority to modify or discontinue this scheme temporarily or permanently at any time or any date.
  • Entry accepted under the Asian Paint token scheme is the property of Asian Paints and they can use the painter’s name address and photograph for their promotion and marketing purposes.
  • Products are also available without the token scheme.

Products In Which Token Applicable:

  • ACE exterior emulsion
  • Ace advanced exterior emulsion
  • Tractor advanced emulsion
  • Tractor emulsion
  • Tractor emulsion Shyne
  • True care interior primer water-based

Download Asian Paints Masterstrokes Mobile App:

  • Users should go to the Google Play Store and type “Asian Paints app” into the search field as their initial step.
  • To find the Asian Paints Token Program URL, use the search feature.
  • If you choose the install option, it will be downloaded to your smartphone.
  • Neetu Paints and Paint Industry will ask you a series of questions when you first open the app.
  • The organization will soon select the winners from among those who have answered all the questions correctly.
Download Asian Paints Masterstrokes Mobile App:
Download Asian Paints Masterstrokes Mobile App:

How to add an account in the Masterstrokes app:

  • Adding accounts is possible through the Masterstrokes app.
    You must first choose “My Account” from the menu.
    There will be a button to add an account.
    From the menu, choose “Add an account.”
  • Select an account type, eg Paytm.
  • Enter the Paytm number and your account number here.
  • To create an account, click the button.

Steps To Redeem Asian Paints Painter Token:

Knowing more about Asian Painter Token Redeem is a matter of great fascination for many people. According to Asian Paints Ltd. customers can buy Asian Paints products from dealers. Note the steps listed below.

  • You must select the option to redeem.
  • It is available in tokens.
  • If you want to keep this money in your account, do so.
  • After clicking Redeem, a new interface will appear.
  • First, enter the amount you want to redeem.
  • You will see recently added accounts in the Masterstroke app.
  • Three options will be available before you.
    • Paytm
    • choose another account
    • for direct bank transfer.
  • You can select the option according to your need.
  • Then you will get the amount in your account.

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Asian Paint Painter Token Scheme Online Registration:

This technique can be applied by a painter. You can also use the direct link provided below for Asian Paint Painter Token Scheme.

  • To access the Asian Paints website visit www.asianpaints.com.
  • The location will be visible to you.
  • The Asian Paint Painter Token Registration link can be found here.
  • After you receive it, you must click on it.
  • Clicking on the link will bring you the registration form.
  • Name, email address, phone number, and pin code are some examples of information that must be included.
  • The registration process will be completed.

Asian Paints Painter Token Scanner:

  • The MS Scanner app holds the token of Asian Paint.
  • Painters can use this app to scan their barcodes.
  • To scan this barcode he needs the help of a dealer or APL employee.
  • To use this firstly you have to download the Masterstrokes app.
  • After downloading the Asian Paints Masterstrokes app, you have to register yourself on this app with some basic details.
  • When your registration is completed, then you will see various options which are available on this app like color visualization, warranty registration, promotion, schemes, product information, redeem history, point history, estimate builder, and token.
  • To redeem your token you need to click on the Token button.
  • Now your account will be displayed on your screen along with the current balance of this account. Here you can see your account information, my scans, and past data.
  • Here you will see two options Redeem and Scan, from here you have to click on the Scan button.
  • Now you need to scan the promotional code with this scanner.
  • Within a few minutes, the amount you get will be displayed on your screen.

Some questions and answers about Asian paints:

1. What is a painter token?

Painter Token is mostly applicable for bulk packs i.e. 10 liter and 20-liter packs of the product, applicable from time to time and only at JSW Paints authorized retailers Scan the QR code using the scanner app. This token is non-transferable and Painter cannot assign/transfer the same.

2. How do you get money on Asian Paints tokens?

The scheme is open only to those who have dealers across India. Customers who purchase Asian Paints products will benefit from its Painter Token program in 2023. When you are rewarded through the program, Asian Paints Dealer will provide you with many benefits of the program.

3. How do I register as an Asian painter?

Register Now. To avail exclusive benefits.
Name* This field is mandatory.
this field is mandatory. Enter a valid Email ID.
Mobile* This field is mandatory. Enter valid Mobile no.
pincode* This field is mandatory. Enter a valid pin code.

4. Who is the CEO of Asian Paint?

Meet Amit Singhal, our Managing Director and CEO of Asian Paints Limited. Amit Singel is the man behind India’s only research-based color trend forecasting system.

5. Which is Asia’s No 1 paint?

Nippon Paint is ranked Asia’s No. 1 paint company, and growing in popularity in the rest of the world. It is the only paint solutions provider for all kinds of surfaces (Auto, Marine, Protective, Decorative, and Industrial Paints).

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