BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024)

Hello friends, welcome to this article, Today we will discuss BGMI Config File Download, so let’s start. Krafton BGMI – PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular games in the country since its launch in India. If you are a BGMI player and want to improve gameplay and performance then using a BGMI config file can be a perfect choice. It offers lots of tips like aimbot, no recoil, etc.

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BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024)
BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024)

Keep reading and I will provide you a direct link to download the latest “BGMI Config File”. We’ll also cover a complete step-by-step installation guide in the next sections and guide you on how to use the file, so let’s get started.

What is a BGMI Config File? (BGMI Config File Download)

BGMI config file is a piece of code that gives tips like no recall, aimbot, 90 fps, high damage, and many more without using any kind of application.

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Obviously, it does so by changing the app’s default behavior so it interacts with the BGMI server differently. Therefore, it gives you more control over the game.

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Benefits: BGMI Config File Download

  • The game will go smoothly.
  • The phone will not lag.
  • It didn’t catch warm due to high usage.
  • Didn’t damage the mobile internally.
  • Your ID will not be a ban.
  • Full optimization will come.
  • Available and workable for all devices.

BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024):

BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024)
BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024)

Get the latest version of the config file from the link mentioned below. Also, note that we update our links with the latest version of the config released by the developer. So make sure to check out our site regularly for updates.


  • AimBot
  • Magic Bullet
  • No Grass
  • 90 FPS
  • Unlimited Health
  • Speed H**k
  • Auto-Headshot
  • Wall H**k
  • White Body
  • No Recoil
  • High Damage
  • and many others

AimBot: BGMI Config File Download

Friends first let’s know what is BGMI Auto Aimbot Config File, so I want to tell you that it is a headshot script file with which you can kill the enemy very easily and in it, you will get the headshot script ie your auto aimbot will move. At the enemy and when you fire a gun, your fire hits the enemy directly in the head, causing the enemy to die quickly. Your gameplay becomes better and you start enjoying gameplay better.

BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024)
BGMI Config File Download (100% Working 2024)

BGMI Magic Bullet Tracking Config File Download (2.9 100% Working)

Magic Bullet: BGMI Config File Download

So, guys, we all know that while playing classic matches in bgmi, to kill enemies we have to shoot them with gunfire. But due to heavy recoil, we are not able to kill them with any accuracy. So we need to aim for perfection and gun perfection to kill enemies.

So to overcome this problem I came up with a new config file that will increase your aim accuracy and kill enemies easily with gunfire. This magic bullet is nothing aimed directly at the head, so you can easily kill enemies without heavy loads.

Bgmi No recoil Config file Download (2.9) Latest Updated 32bit & 64bit

No Recoil:

We all know that while firing any gun in BGMI we have to face some stiff adversities, gun vibration, and gun top speed. No recoil packs are used to control all these movements. Where we can also control it by gyroscope and ADS sensitivity.

In this article, I have brought a new Bgmi and Pubg No recoil Config file for free and working properly. This config file is fully tested and working properly. Low recoil is important in any gun when firing. And it’s easier to kill enemies with less recoil for long-range enemies and for headshots with the auto gun.

Bgmi No recoil Config file Download


The BGMI Aimbot Config file is nothing but a combination of a configuration file and a save file. For the uninitiated, the configuration file is used to change FPS, display quality, and sound effects. With this file, you can make the gameplay of BGMI more fun and entertaining.

The reason why BGMI players often search for Auto Headshot Aimbot config file download links is that it improves their aim assist by 70%. Once you add this file to BGMI, you will be able to shoot your enemy more accurately.

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90 FPS:

Dude, if you use 90 fps config file your game will be very smooth and you can easily push rank. Conqueror can go to 90 fps, your gaming experience will be very good and your device will run perfectly, which will make you more interested in the game and it will be very easy to clutch 1V4.

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Unlimited Health:

The Unlimited Health configuration file is a modified version of BGMI, which gives an unfair advantage to users playing the game. By using the Unlimited Health config file, playing this game gives the player unlimited health, which allows the player to survive in the game for a long time.

The Unlimited Health configuration file is a advanced way to get unlimited health on BGMI game. It is a known fact that GMI is a fast-paced shooting battle royale game, and playing this game requires the players to be the best in their game and the player needs to take a lot of time to perform better in this game. Our today’s article will cover the config files to get unlimited health which will help players who move this game to win the game.

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No Grass:

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) No Grass Config File MediaFire Link Download Full Antiban 32bit and 64bit both bit version is supported as a device. This file helps you to kill pubg enemies easily and also helps you increase your aim. You can download this bgmi mobile no grass config file and our pass bgmi No Grass Config file download is the latest version you can check and you can download the bgmi 2.5 file very easily for free. promo codes 

How to Download Bgmi Config File?

  • You need to choose a config given on our page.
  • Then, click on the download icon.
  • Wait 15 – 20 seconds.
  • Then the completed config file will be automatically downloaded to your device.

How To Use BGMI Config File:

Friends, now let’s know how to use this configuration file correctly, so follow the steps below for that.

  • Download the Zero Recoil Config file from the download link.
  • Download Z Archiver from Play Store.
  • Then go to the downloads folder.
  • Then extract the file by single clicking on the file.
  • Copy The file named com. Android, + data, + com.pubg.imobile + files, + UE4Game, + ShadowTrackerExtra, + ShadowTrackerExtra, + Saved, + paks, +Paste Here”
  • Open the game and enjoy the new BGMI configuration file.
How To Use BGMI Config File:
How To Use BGMI Config File:
How To Use BGMI Config File:
How To Use BGMI Config File:

Bgmi Id Ban Or Not?

Now you will use my file your 100% safe and all devices working with no any issue and no problems easy to use please visit my website for more thank you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

1. Is using config file safe in BGMI?

No, BGMI 90 FPS Config file download is not safe for gamers. As per the official rules posted on the Krafton support page, the anti-cheating system of the game can detect any modified files on the device and can ban players from Battlegrounds Mobile India from using it.

2. Is it safe to delete config files?

If you do not need to keep historical configuration files and want to improve database performance, you can automate the removal of unnecessary configuration files. If your database is not stored on a high-performance database server, ensure you regularly purge unused config history.

3. How do config files work?

How do configuration files work? At start time, the application or other system opens, reads and parses the configuration file and applies each setting. Configuration options can be changed while the application runs, taking effect either immediately or upon restart when the configuration file is reread.

4. What is the app config file used for?

An application configuration file is an XML file used to control assembly binding. It can redirect an application from using one version of a side-by-side assembly to another version of the same assembly. This is called per-application configuration.

5. How are config files made?

  • Launch your OS default text editor. It can be Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac.
  • Enter the values or commands you want.
  • Save the file as “mms. cfg” on your desktop or the respective Config folder of the app you’re editing.
  • Under “Save as type,” select “All Files.”


I hope you are now able to use BGMI Config File easily and your game is running smoothly and happily without any lag on your own device. If you have any queries let me know in the comment box so that I can try to solve it quickly. And share this article with everyone. Thank you so much for reading this article and you can bookmark our website to know more content.

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