Pubg mobile kr download tap tap – tap tap pubg kr (2024)

PUBG Mobile KR or Korea is an alternate version of the famous battle royale game, PUBG Mobile. It is quite similar to the global one; However, there are minute differences like currencies. The KR version has a unique coin — the Donkatsu Medal — that can be used to open several crates.

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Pubg mobile kr download tap tap - tap tap pubg kr (2023)
Pubg mobile kr download tap tap – tap tap pubg kr (2023)

This game is clearly available on Google Play Store and App Store in Korea and Japan region. However, those using Android devices outside these regions can also download it from the TapTap Store. In this article, we have provided a guide to download it from the TapTap Store. It requests you to read this article till the end.

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PUBG MOBILE KR Information:

Apk NamePUBG Mobile KR (Korean)
Last Updated4th April 2023
Apk Size700 MB
OBB File700 MB with APK File
Downloads70 Million Users
AvailableGoogle Play, App Store, Tap Tap & More
Official Website
To know moreWebsite
Pubg mobile kr download tap tap – tap tap pubg kr (2023)

More about PUBG MOBILE KR:

Have you ever dreamed of landing on an island with 99 people and only your fists as weapons for defense? Well, you can kill to your heart’s content with PUBG Mobile KR for Android. You can shoot to kill people from all over the world and protect your country’s flag if you put it that way after you find some guns and ammo from an abandoned house.

Pubg mobile kr download tap tap: pubg kr download tap tap

TapTap is a gaming store, where you can find more amazing games but nowadays, I can’t suggest to use tap tap to download the Pubg KR version because many times you get errors.

So I will recommend my personal method to download pubg KR version 2.9 fast so let me explain to you how to use my personal method.

So here I am providing you the original version of Pubg kr Version Obb or Apk download link these links are connected to the server so don’t worry about security.

Exclusive Features of PUBG Mobile KR Version:

  • The PUBG Mobile KR version of PUBG has tons of Korean features.
  • The PUBG Mobile KR version of the game is more or less similar to PUBG’s global version.
  • Other than rewards and events offered by global PUBG, gamers may participate in additional events and claim more rewards by downloading PUBG’s MOBILE KR version.
  • The PUBG Mobile Korean version of PUBG Mobile kr features the Donkatsu Medal i.e. a special currency used mainly for opening crates.

How To Install Pubg Mobile KR 2.8 Version From Tap Tap?

Tap Tap is a gaming store. Here you can find many games without any cost or any external source. The best application for the Tap Tap gaming platform. Follow the steps below to download PUBG Mobile KR Version from this tap-tap application.

  • Firstly You Have To Download Tap Tap Apk.
  • After That, You Need To Install This app in Your Android Device.
  • So, After All, Open Your Tap Tap App And Search For Pubg Mobile KR Version.
  • Now You Can See Your Pubg Mobile KR Version Showing On the Top.
  • Simply Click On the Download Button When The Downloading Is Completely Done, You Can See A Installation Popup.
  • Now You Can Install Pubg Mobile Korean Version Easily.

Is the pubg mobile kr version safe in India?

Playing in India is completely safe. Although this is the Korean version of Pubg, which was developed for Korea, many people in our country play Pubg Kr version officially. You can also enjoy Pubg Kr by following our download method.

Can the pubg mobile kr version play with global?

Of course, you can also play with players worldwide using the pubg mobile Kr version. For this you can manage your server as your own, I always prefer to play on the “ASIA” server, because there are very competitive players.

Do you need a VPN to play the pubg mobile kr version?

No, the Pubg kr version is a VPN-free game. You don’t need any kind of VPN to play pubg mobile kr. Yes, if you want to use a VPN to open PUBG Crate. But you can get more chances to get legendary items.

Pubg mobile kr download tap tap - tap tap pubg kr (2023)
Pubg mobile kr download tap tap – tap tap pubg kr (2023)

Pubg mobile Korean version features

Here are some of the key features of the PUBG Mobile Korean version:

  1. Exclusive content: The Korean version tends to get special Korea-themed cosmetic items, outfits, skins, etc. that global versions don’t have. This makes the gameplay more localized and region-specific.
  2. Faster updates: The Korean version usually receives the latest updates, features, and customizations a few weeks or even months before the global version. This means Korean players get access to new content sooner.
  3. Localized language: The game’s UI, text, voice-overs etc. are available in Korean language by default instead of English. This makes it easier and more convenient for players who prefer Korean.
  4. RP point gifts: Special region-exclusive events and gifts like free RP (premium) points are handed out on occasions like Korean holidays, festivals, etc.
  5. Low latency: Since the servers are based locally in South Korea, lower pings and latency can be achieved compared to playing on foreign servers resulting in smoother multiplayer gameplay.
  6. Tournament exclusive accessibility: Entry to Korea-only esports events and tournaments requires the game’s Korean version due to region-locking restrictions.

In summary, the Korean PUBG Mobile offers localized appeal, timely updates, lower ping, in-game freebies, and tournament access tailored specifically for Korean mobile gamers and esports subculture.


PUBG Mobile KR is the localized version of PUBG Mobile currently available in Korea and Japan. This game has a lot of local content for users and their access is limited for global users. You can download the PUBG Mobile KR version through the tap-tap application. I hope this article helped you to download the PUBG Mobile KR version. Share the important information with everyone and bookmark the website for more, thanks.

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