Taffy tales cheat code (latest Updated 2024)

Taffy Tales cheat code – there have two Taffy Tales cheat code, one to max Stats & Money and the other to Save Unlock, there have many items to get through this code.

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I will share the Taffy Tales cheat code below. Before that, we will discuss What is Taffy Tales?
Taffy Tales is a high-quality dating sim/visual novel game. Mainly these games are made for virtual dates. basically, This game is based on dating things.

Taffy Tales is an adult game, taffy tales is a high-quality dating sim/visual novel game. in this game, you get a female member with you if you are a boy character and if you are a girl character then you will Boy member as a Boyfriend in this game. These games are fully adult games and this game is for 18+ members.

Taffy tales cheat code
Taffy Tales cheat code

These gems have both characters male And Female characters. In these games, you can select your character and play this game easily. Taffy Tales game Players can create their own character and create their own small town in this game. mainly these games based on adult stories. Taffy Tales is a game that revolves around a young man who has a split personality, where one personality is evil and the other is good. The game is set up so that you have to explore the area and talk to different people to progress the game and find different endings. If you are looking for Taffy Tales Cheat Codes we have already provided below.

Taffy Tales cheat code

Taffy tales cheat code
Taffy Tales cheat code

Here are Taffy Tales Cheat codes:

  • New Cheat Code > dilder – Max stats and money
  • New Save Code > ocusar – Start right at the new update
  • Tiffany’s box Code > 06310
  • Tiffany’s Computer Password > RedQueen

New Codes of V0.85.1a

  •  Cheat Code Max stats and money – adbcbe 
  • Cheat Code Start right at the new update – qmsaeg 
  • dsfpewor
  • lskdn39d
  • mnxbvw
  • skndbfei
  • mzbcvw
dilderMax stats and money
ocusar Start right at the new update
06310Tiffany’s box Code
RedQueenTiffany’s Computer Password
Taffy Tales cheat code (August Updated 2023)

New Codes of V0.85.1a

adbcbe Cheat Code Max stats and money
qmsaegCheat Code Start right at the new update
New Codes of V0.85.1a

Here are all Taffy Tales Cheat Codes. You can check these active Cheat codes and you can play the game. Through this cheat, you will get many items in this game, Like a New character, Avatar, Skins town Modifications, etc.

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Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Max Stats & Money

Taffy Tales Cheat Code Max Stats & Money cheat available when you start the game. Just Install and Launched this game as a new player you can see there Add Cheat code option. So add this Cheat and get Maximum Money and Stats in this game.

One in the window where you can change the MC game (before starting the game) you will see that below you can enter the cheat code. These cheat code work at the beginning of the game.

New Cheat Code: dilder – V0.89.8a

Code: adbcbe – V0.85.1a

Now, if you want to use this cheat code, you have to go through the following steps.

  • You need to install this game.
  • You need to start playing a new Taffy Tales game.
  • Now, select the New Game option.
  • Also, you need to select an in-game window where you can replace the MC game.
  • After that, you will be able to see the following cheat code: Cheat Code – adbcbe (New Code!).
  • You need to enter this cheat code to get maximum stats and money.

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Save Unlock

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Save Unlock Use at the start of this game. Firstly, you need to launch this game and choose Load Game, click on the padlock (press to unlock), and then enter the cheat code. Now you have to add a cheat code or type a cheat code. the cheat codes have amazing features and options, qmsaeg V0.68.2a (case sensitive), gnkdoxbe or euueiu (depending on the game version you are using).

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So first, you need to Luached the Taffy Tales game.
Now, you will need to go to the Load Game option.
After that, you will have to choose the padlock (Click to Unlock).
Now, you have to enter the following Cheat Code: Cheat Code- adbcbe– V0.85.1a.
Also, you need to type the names of Tiffany, Mary, and MC.

New Save Code: ocusar – V0.89.8a

Code: qmsaeg – V0.85.1a

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Make Money

Taffy tales cheat code
Taffy Tales cheat code

If you don’t want to use taffy tales Cheat Code, making money is not really hard in this game. You need to follow all steps to make money. You have to progress through the story until you unlock the special container, which allows you to earn money whenever you want in the men’s toilet.

You can unlock special characters in this game. Once there the minigame is very easy, just hit the green and yellow bars. You will unlock the special container on day 9 night. And you can start making money from day 10. If you want to read more then check this post Frag Gift Code.

How to find Items or Locations that you need?

There are tons of locations if you want to file location-required progress. But there is no cheat code for them. You have to unlock certain scenes and dialogues or you have to go to certain locations to unlock most key items. They can use CTRL + F to find an item. You will get the location. If you could not find so just play from the beginning.


Taffy Tales is an Adult game for young age players. These games have many features and options. This article discusses the Taffy Tales Cheat code. So, if you like this Post Bookmark Techyindiapro.com, and share the post with your friends.

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