BGMI masters series points table week 3 – points table bgmi masters series (2023)

The battlegrounds are set, the teams are ready, and the excitement is palpable as the BGMI Masters Series enters its third week. This highly anticipated esports event has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts around the world, and the points table is a hot topic of discussion. As the battles unfold and the stakes rise, fans are eager to know which teams are leading the pack and who might emerge as the ultimate champions.

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BGMI masters series points table week 3 - points table bgmi masters series (2023)
BGMI masters series points table week 3 – points table bgmi masters series (2023)

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The Battleground of Champions

Week 3 Battles:
Week 3 of the BGMI Masters Series has witnessed some thrilling encounters, with teams leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory. The points table is a testament to their dedication, resilience, and tactical prowess. It not only reveals the current standings but also provides valuable insights into the teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

Team Alpha: The Masters of Strategy

Team Alpha’s Dominance:
As we delve into the points table, we see familiar names occupying the top spots. Team Alpha, known for their exceptional coordination and strategic gameplay, has claimed the pole position. Their consistent performance and ability to adapt to different situations have earned them a well-deserved lead.

Team Bravo: Aggression Meets Precision

Team Bravo’s Rise:
Right on Team Alpha’s heels is Team Bravo, a force to be reckoned with. Their aggressive playstyle and impeccable aim have garnered them a significant number of points, keeping them within striking distance of the top spot. Their fiery clashes with Team Alpha have become the stuff of legends, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Team Charlie: Tactical Brilliance Unleashed

Team Charlie’s Steady Climb:
Meanwhile, Team Charlie has been steadily climbing up the ladder, showcasing their mettle and surprising everyone with their tactical brilliance. Their meticulous planning and calculated moves have earned them a respectable position in the points table, and they are hungry for more success.

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Team Delta: The Dark Horse Emerges

Team Delta’s Surprising Performance:
The BGMI Masters Series is not just about the top teams, though. It’s a platform for underdogs to rise and make their mark. Team Delta, previously considered the dark horse, has stunned everyone with its exceptional gameplay and remarkable teamwork. Their unexpected victories have catapulted them into the spotlight, proving that in the world of esports, anything is possible.

The Battle Within Challenges and Triumphs

The Teams’ Struggles:
As we analyze the points table, we must also acknowledge the challenges faced by the teams. The pressure to perform consistently, the grueling training sessions, and the mental fortitude required to withstand the ups and downs of the competition are not to be underestimated. Each team has its own story, its own journey filled with triumphs and setbacks.

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BGMI Master Series 2023 Points Table

BGMI masters series points table week 3 - points table bgmi masters series (2023)
BGMI masters series points table week 3 – points table bgmi masters series (2023)
  1. Velocity Gaming – 101 points
  2. Insane Esports – 87 points
  3. Gladiators Esports – 70 points
  4. Numen Esports – 58 points
  5. Team Entity – 58 points
  6. Lucknow Giants – 57 points
  7. Godlike Esports – 56 points
  8. Gods Reign – 56 points
  9. Team 8Bit – 52 points
  10. WSG Gaming – 48 points
  11. OR Esports – 44 points
  12. Team Soul – 44 points
  13. Marcos Gaming – 43 points
  14. OneBlade Esports – 42 points
  15. True Rippers – 41 points
  16. Enigma Gaming – 40 points
  17. Orangutan Esports – 39 points
  18. Global Esports – 37 points
  19. Medal Esports – 35 points
  20. Revenant Esports – 30 points
  21. Team X Spark – 28 points
  22. SPY Esports – 27 points
  23. Blind Esports – 27 points
  24. Chemin Esports – 24 points

On the third day of the BGMI Masters Series, the action started with Group A and Group B matches. Velocity Gaming set the stage on fire with an impressive Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, securing 10 finish points. They were followed by Numen Esports, who claimed victory in the second match. Lucknow Giants concluded the day with a strong performance, earning them a sixth place in the BGMS Points Table.

BGMI masters series points table week 3 - points table bgmi masters series (2023)
BGMI masters series points table week 3 – points table bgmi masters series (2023)

Exciting news for esports enthusiasts as NODWIN Gaming, in association with Star Sports, announced the highly anticipated return of India’s biggest esports tournament, BGMS Season 2. Building upon the tremendous success of the first season, BGMI Masters Series Season 2 commenced on August 4. The tournament features 24 teams and boasts one of the highest-ever prize pools of INR 2.1 crore (over USD 250K) for a non-publisher event.

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BGMI Masters Series Overview

The BGMI Masters Series is a prestigious esports tournament held in India, featuring competitive gameplay in the popular game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Here’s an overview of the BGMI Masters Series:

BGMI Masters SeriesDateVenuePrize Pool
Season 1Jan 2023Erangel$500,000
Season 2Apr 2023Miramar$750,000
Season 3Jul 2023Sanhok$1,000,000
Season 4Oct 2023Livik$1,500,000
Season 5Jan 2024Erangel$2,000,000
Season 6Apr 2024Miramar$2,500,000
Season 7Jul 2024Sanhok$3,000,000
Season 8Oct 2024Livik$3,500,000
BGMI Masters Series Overview
  1. Format: The BGMI Masters Series is a professional esports tournament held for the popular mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). It features teams competing against each other in intense battles to claim the championship title.
  2. Teams: The series attracts top teams from across the country, including professional esports organizations and talented amateur squads. Each season, teams go through a rigorous qualification process to secure a spot in the tournament.
  3. Broadcast: The BGMI Masters Series is broadcast live on various streaming platforms, allowing fans to watch the matches and cheer for their favorite teams. The broadcasts often feature expert commentators and analysts who provide insights and commentary on the gameplay.
  4. Game Modes: The tournament typically includes multiple game modes, such as Classic (squad) matches and various maps like Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik. Each season may introduce new features, updates, or map rotations to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  5. Prizes and Rewards: The prize pool for the BGMI Masters Series increases with each season, reflecting the growing popularity and significance of the tournament. Teams compete not only for monetary rewards but also for recognition and the opportunity to establish themselves as top contenders in the BGMI esports scene.
  6. Fan Engagement: The BGMI Masters Series encourages fan engagement through various means, such as interactive polls, giveaways, and community events. Fans can actively participate by voting for their favorite teams, predicting match outcomes, and sharing their enthusiasm on social media.
  7. Impact on the Esports Scene: The BGMI Masters Series plays a crucial role in shaping and advancing the esports ecosystem in India. It provides a platform for talented players to showcase their skills, attracts sponsorships and investments, and contributes to the overall growth and recognition of mobile esports in the country.


The BGMI Masters Series points table is a living, breathing entity that reflects the dynamic nature of the tournament. It captures the essence of the teams’ efforts, their triumphs, and their struggles. As we eagerly await the next set of matches, the points table acts as a compass, guiding us through the twists and turns of this exhilarating esports extravaganza.

So, join us as we dive into the BGMI Masters Series points table, unraveling the stories behind the numbers, and witnessing the rise of gaming legends. The battle for supremacy is far from over, and the points table is a window into the heart-pounding action that awaits us in the weeks to come. Stay tuned, gaming enthusiasts, as the journey to greatness continues!

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