Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)

Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: Hello friends, In spite of the characters in the game being very ordinary and two-dimensional graphics, it became a sensation among us people. Once you start playing our games. So you will want to play this game for hours.

There are many types of games and games available in today’s internet world. Many games drive people crazy from time to time. Many online games have the opportunity to reach people’s hearts. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the game has taken its place in the hearts of the people among us.

Character color among us is one of the most talked about topics among our players these days. among us, the developer has added 6 new colors to the game and there is a total of 18 colors from which you can choose your character in our game.

The game Among us is getting love from people all over the world, that’s why it is at the top of the game category on Google Play Store. If you don’t know about Among us game then it doesn’t matter because in today’s article we will know about this game, what is Among us game is and among our characters, and how to play this game. All information related to the game is given in this article. You must stay connected with us till the end. So friends, without wasting time let’s start today’s article.

What is Among Us? – among us colors

Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)
Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)

Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth. The game was inspired by the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing. The game allows for cross-platform play, first being released on iOS and Android devices in June 2018, and on Windows in November of that year.

Moreover, the crewmates have to complete tasks and also save themselves from the imposter killing them. The game features different colors and the crewmates can choose which color they want.  If you want to know more about the game please check out this list given.

How to play Among Us? – Among us colors

Among Us is a multiplayer game for four to fifteen players (previously four to ten players), although at least five are recommended. Up to three players are randomly and secretly chosen to be the cheater(s) in each round. As of 2021, there can be a round on one of four maps. In this post, I will discuss how to play this game. So friends without wasting time let’s start today’s article.

Among Us is basically a game of survival, where you either have to vote off all of the imposters and complete all the tasks, and the imposter has to kill all of the crewmates or stop them from completing the designated tasks to win. If you are designated a crewmate your task is to find the imposter. Of course, being an imposter is a lot more fun as you can betray and kill your friends.

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An imposter needs to kill the crewmates and ensure no one is able to get out of the locations. Players can also vote off other players from the location. Note, if you have a huge number of players, you can also select to have multiple imposters. No crew member can talk while performing tasks, until and unless death is reported. When someone dies, the crew gets a chance to vote and root out the imposter.

Crew member

The crew member gets a variety of tasks that have to be completed, and along with it, they have to tell about the imposter and report him out of the game.


The job of the imposter is to stealthily kill the crew member and prevent the completion of the task of other crew members.

Among Us Character Colors List – among us new colors

 Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)
Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)

Among Us is a popular game. There are basically 18 colors in this game which are red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan, lime, maroon, rose, banana, grey, tan, and coral. Players can select their preferred character from these before the start of a match or interact using it by entering the lobby.

Colors don’t give any advantages or disadvantages to the game, they are just there to make it more fun and people can choose it as they like or you can make pets that will follow you but they are paid. Stay connected with us till the end to know more about these colors.

The full list of colors available among Us is as follows:

  1. Red:

Among Us red is seen as the best because Among Us most red crewmates are statistically imposters with black. The red cream appears in most of the in-game crewmates or we can say artwork and promotional game character designs.

On the Internet, Among Us has a lot of memes. Among Us, Many jokes are featured on the Internet as “Red Sus” by Among Us players. It is said that red is mostly an impostor which makes him more targeted but it is just a myth.

Is red the imposter Among Us?

Before any sabotage or strange events can even occur, players will be aware of the red crewmate more than others, and this is because in all the marketing Among Us has produced, the red crewmate is depicted as the Impostor.

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Why is Red the most Sus?

The most sus color in Among Us appears to be red, presumably because it looks like blood. However, red is also one of the most commonly chosen colors. For whatever reason, players choose this color quite frequently – even though a lot of other players find it suspicious.

2. Green among us character:

Among us The main colors are used as an icon for an emergency meeting or news of a dead body. Green has only been used as a decoy on the official poster once so far.

Fort green is the only color that looks like another color to us. Fortgreen was used as Green in the trailer as shown in Us, and was probably named “Fortgreen” because Green’s name was “Fort”.

Is green a sus? Among us character

Why Among Us’ Least Sus Colors Are Brown, Lime, & Green. For this reason, among the least sus colors are probably brown, dark green, and lime green. According to developer Inersluth, these are the three least popular colors in the game, which means very few people choose them.

3. Orange among us characters:

An orange icon is used on the emergency server “Discussion” icon. When you play with an Orange, you’ll be able to have both the best players in the world and the worst – there’s neither. They can have some very good arguments and can be either extremely non-violent or the most aggressive cheaters you’ve ever met.

4. black among us character:

Black is the character used for both the Sabotage and the vent icon. Black is the ID card’s color for the Swipe Card task. Black was initially called “Gray”. Black is usually used as The Impostor in advertising, images, on the Among Us Steam page, and the in-game How to Play section.

5. Purple among us colors:

In the Among Us game, purple is the chosen crewmate color, but it’s always memorable that they had their own animation before being jammed. A number of video animators get together and make a short animation video with a purple imposter related to the game Among Us.

More importantly, it was noticed by the developers of the game’s interior fabrics as they introduced a new color to the game. Here are some animation videos of the Purple Imposter.

6. Cyan – among us character colors:

 Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)
Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)

Simply put, cyan is the name of a color, specifically light blue. Whenever anyone mentions a Cyan in the Among Us game, they’re talking about a spaceship, not a dark blue character. No one really uses the word light blue, because it takes longer to type and speed is often important.

Nicknamed “Light Blue”, Cyan was added to the Among Us game in 2019. It is often theorized that Saiyan is the child of Orange and Green as both were introduced to the game before cyan and cyan is quite small in size compared to the others.

What color is cyan crewmate?

Cyan is found in the Luxury Escape Pod option in the Valiant Hero finishing in Completing the Mission. Cyan is also known as “light blue” or “sky blue” by gamers. Cyan is one of the maximum colors utilized in promotional subject matter, behind Red and others. The dummy Crewmates in Freeplay can’t change into Cyan.

7. Lime – blue among us character

Lime is one of the most popular crewmate colors in Among Us. Most of the players prefer to use this color to become imposters. Easily, you are able to choose Lime color in the game before entering the game lobby from the game settings.

8. BROWN – among us colors

Brown is one of the least used colors because it is almost never seen in Inersluth’s promotional posters. Brown isn’t among the most well-liked characters as he ranks 11th in the reputation charts. That is probably why Brown does not make appearances in promotional content material that incessantly. However, Victoria Tran, Innersloth’s group director is steadily depicted as Brown wearing the Dum sticky word in promotional content. You will in finding Brown every now and then performing pleasant, different times logical, and others poisonous.


In the Crewmate segment in How to Play, White is proven to fix the Reactor Meltdown in conjunction with Purple. In How to Play, White is used as some of the Crewmates in the Crewmate data bar. White is the first color showcased using the redrawn artwork taste.

Used at the vent button for the Imposter, White represents the web video game Among Us. White may be used within the in-game bulletins web page the place it can be observed conserving a megaphone to indicate bulletins.

10. Yellow:

Another color on the among us character colors list is yellow, which is supposed to symbolize normal gameplay. When you utilize the admin terminal on any map, all of the crewmates appear yellow to prevent players from determining the game’s precise colors.

11. Pink:

Pink is a versatile player in the Among Us game. They often say random things in chat and vote randomly. Many people think they are weird and suave and rarely defend themselves when suspected and are often voted down as a result. For one thing, girls are known to us to be pink and we think they are average players.

12. Blue:

In Among Us, the Blue players are often seen as the opposite of Red. They are almost never suspected and often appear calm. However, when they break their silence in meetings, they either sound stern or insecure. They are unique per se and are mostly seen as the detective in the game.


Added in the June 2021 update where lobby sizes were increased from a maximum of 10 to a maximum of 15, maroon is the first of the newer colors. It’s a cross between red and brown but is distinct enough from both of them that it shouldn’t get mixed up unless a player only gets a brief glimpse of maroon.

14. Rose:

Rose is also one of the newly added color patterns in Among Us. Female players in the Among Us game prefer to use this color. Basically, the Rose color represents the cuteness and distance of the player. But, this color can also be used by several of the pro players as an undetectable imposter in the game of Among Us.

15. Banana:

Apparently, the Banana color became quite famous in Among Us, because of the banana hat crewmate in yellow color. Also, this color was introduced in the new update and it’s not seen much in the animation or on the internet.

16. Gray:

Among Us, Gray Crewmate is very similar to blue and most players prefer this color to be a cheater. Because sometimes the blue crewmate is mostly the cheater in the game.

The pro player does not use this color a lot to be a perfect imposter or the detective crewmate who keeps an eye on each crewmate’s activities in the game. The process is the same as other color selections you can easily pick this color from the game settings.

17. Tan:

Currently unavailable in Among Us, Tan used to be a color in the game until it was removed because of its resemblance to brown, orange or white, causing problems for color-blind players.

tan is a color among us that players can select and customize. Lime was chosen as the 12th color in the end and tan was omitted because the developers did not want an unequal number of colors.

18. Coral:

Coral-colored chromite is the most preferred color in the United States because the color is similar to the shades of pink that give the game a pink and rose color pattern. So if you want to be beautiful and the boy in the lobby wants to be attracted to you, you can also choose this color. Because coral color is mostly chosen by girls or professional players who want to be a perfect cheaters in the game.

So these were the colors that were used in the game to address or call the players of the game. You can use these colors and enjoy the game.

How to Change Color in the Among Us Android App? – new among us colors

 Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)
Among us colors, All Among Us Character Colors List: (Latest Updated 2023)

Android users can play the game between us with friends by downloading it from Google Play. The game is free on mobile devices. Follow the steps below to change your color on an Android phone:

  1. Launch Among Us on your Android phone.
  2. You’ll be greeted by the main menu, and from there you can select either “Online,” “Freeplay,” or “Local.”
  3. Before you start playing the game, you’ll be able to wander around in the pre-game lobby.
  4. Walk towards the laptop in the center of the screen.
  5. You’ll be able to select “Customize” at the bottom-right corner.
  6. A small window will pop up with choices.
  7. Select “Color.”
  8. At the right of your Crewmate, you can select from the palette of colors available.
  9. When you select your color, the menu will close and you can wait for the game to start.

How to Change my Character’s Hat in Among Us

A very popular game among us. As I am going to discuss in this post, you can change your character by changing elements like the hat to learn how to do it, keep reading the article until the end.

Where can you see all the hats available in the Among Us game?

When you enter the game you are assigned a character and if the system decides you are an assassin, you will receive a message informing you that this will be your role. Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can change your character a lot to give it a personal touch and you can identify with it more.

One way to change this is to change the hat you wear, to know what options you have, you just have to be aware of the bottom of the screen and when the image of a laptop appears, you just have to touch it so that a The window opens with all the options. You will appear with options that you need to change. Here you can change the color, mascot, costume, game, and hat. Each component will have different options.

How can you put a hat on your Among Us character?

The versatility of this game is one of the reasons why it is so popular, as you have the opportunity to choose different options to make it a fun experience. One of these features is that you can change the color of your character. Each participant will choose a color and if you are quick you can choose the one you like the most, if not you have to choose between the rest.

Another thing you should be aware of is that you must choose between playing a private or public game when you enter the application. Many people like to be able to interact with other people in public. Although the developers also want to please those who prefer more reserved and private games.

Some participants decided to quit the game permanently for various reasons. Some are trying to quit the vice that may have created this habit, while others have changed their circumstances and don’t have time to devote to the game. Whatever the reason, the app allows you to delete your account and all game data from your phone.

All these options give the feeling that you are free within the application to make the decision that suits you best. Therefore, if you want to make a change related to your character, you need to be aware of where to change that part.

What to do to change it?

Changing an element on a character is really easy, hat the process is very similar to the rest of the changes. You just need to open the application and play online to be able to access the main menu. At this point you can choose between a private or public game.

Once you’ve selected the game type, you’ll see an image of a laptop at the bottom right of the screen. When you see it, you need to click on it so that you can access different options to customize the character. When you have a window with options on your screen, you will see on the second line that there are different hats available, you must choose one of them and it will be assigned to your character.

When you enter a public match and other participants enter before you, they will have the opportunity to choose from all options, and those who enter later will only be able to choose from the remaining options.

Some are looking for a way to not lose the exclusivity of options, preferring to make personal choices when they enter the game. With this, they can choose patiently and have time to try different options and when they already have their characters covered in all the details, they change the game universally.


Q. What does sus Among Us mean?

“Sus is an abbreviation for “suspicious” often used by players of the game Among Us when referring to those that are suspected of being an impostor. The slang term originally predates its use in the game but is used in the same context.”

Q. What do pets do among us?

When you equip a pet, a small animal or machine will follow you across the entire map. If you are destroyed, they will sit next to your corpse forever and mark where you died. No cosmetics apply to any of us and are only used to make your character look “cold”.

Q. Platforms where Among Us is available?

The game is currently available on Android, iOS, and Windows. The game is available for free on Android and iOS with in-app purchases. On Windows, the game is available for Rs 199 in the Steam Store. Stay tuned with us till the end to know more details about this game.

Q. Is Tan color available in Among Us?

Tan was a color in Among Us. This color is not currently available in the game anymore. The only remains of Tan can be seen in the Innersloth Discord Server as a server emoji. The Tan color was removed as it was a little too close to either brown, orange, or white which was a problem for color-blind people.

Q. Which color uses the developer’s name in Among Us?

Fortegreen or Eucalyptus Green is a color in Among Us. The color contains parts of the developer’s name ForteBass.

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